Pool Freediving

The  Pool Freediving course is a great first step for developing solid freediving skills. You learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breath hold techniques in a pool. This course is a great, cost-effective option if you are only interested in pool training and require certification to train with a freediving club. Upon completion of the  Pool Freediving course, you can upgrade to a Freediving Level 1 certification through Vietnam Active Freediving by completing a knowledge/skill review, and the open water requirements of the  Freediving Level 1 course.

What will you learn?

  • Freediving equipment
  • The physiology of freediving
  • Freediving skills
  • The diving environment
  • Safe freediving practices

Price: $45

What is included?

  • Course materials
  • Self-development of knowledge through the App
  • Approx. half day pool session that includes static apnea, dynamic apnea and rescue techniques (exact times can vary as we cater to the needs of students and can take shorter or longer)
  • Certification, upon successful course completion

Our activities

Fun Diving

2 Dives: $65
Are you already certified? If so, then come along with Vietnam Active to check out diving in Nha Trang at Hon Mun Island. We kit you out with the best equipment and advise you on the dive sites available to suit your skill level and preference.


2 Dives: $70
Often on holidays we have limited time so the 1 day Discover Scuba Diving program is a perfect way to see how it is to blow bubbles underwater and see if being an ”aqua-naut” is for you!


Level 1 course: $230
Freediving is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. It allows us to explore the beauty and silence of the underwater world on a single breath, without any tanks.


Price: $35
If you don’t have time to do a full dive trip, join us on the boat for a fun filled day of snorkeling. All snorkelers receive a quality wetsuit, snorkeling fins and a lightweight mask.